Cute winter wear for cuties

kids socks

There are many kinds of accessories available for people to protect their body parts in and out. Some are completely outer garments and few other are used as accessories. One among such accessories is ‘Sock’. A sock is nothing but a piece of garment which is used especially to cover the feet of a respective individual. The sock is also known as the “tiny winter garment”. The socks are not only used in the particular season, the so called winter. They are also used by people for various purpose in different durations of the year. It is generally an item of clothing, worn on feet covering the ankle and a part of the calf. The shoes or boots are commonly worn over the socks. The socks in the ancient days was made by leather or animal hair. Somewhere in 1500s, the machine and hand knitted socks were produced. After the introduction of socks that are manufactured using knitting, the machine knitted socks has become predominant almost over a period of time. There are various kinds of roles played and satisfied by the socks and as being the successful accessories, they gained much popularity in people.

kids socks

A pair of socks can be used to serve various needs of an individual. They acts as protectors, protecting their feet from the heat, rain, dust and cold. They also absorb the perspiration. It is well know that, foot is the heaviest sweat producer in the whole body and in this kind of situations, the socks play an important role absorbing the perspiration and even can prevent from smelling of legs. The socks also allows the outside air to reach the skin of the individual and there by keeps the dermal layer clean and perhaps, allows the exchange of gases. There are many kinds of socks available in the market and these are also available for people of different ages.

Winter is the coldest season of the year, which makes people terrible about the weather and even causes shivering in them throughout the season. In this particular season, people find themselves many alternatives, such that they are protected from this biting cold and allow them to stay comfortable. Socks used especially in winter are always made of a fabric called wool. These woolen fibers are long, slender and thin and then are interconnected each other to form a piece of fabric. This fabric can be manufactured either by hand weaving or machine knitting. The winter socks made of woolen fibers always acts as good insulators and insulate the body and keep them warm.

As discussed above, there are different kinds of socks available for people of different ages and even the infants or the new born also have tiny-tiny attractive pairs of socks available in the market. These kids’ woolen socks is also made of woolen fibers to provide protection the feet of baby and there by insulates their body. Kid’s socks are available in wide range of colors with respect to their dress.

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