DIY Fabric Softener Sponge – Use It As Much As You Want


Simplifying everyday tasks is an amazing interface and taking fullest control of them is even more wonderful. Various DIY remedies come handy in resolving everyday concerns are trying them at home is easy as well as interesting. Moreover, these remedies are undemanding and inexpensive too. Certainly, they do help generously in enjoying flair in everyday tasks. Fabric softener sponge is a wonderful remedy for adding a perfect touch of softness to your laundry in a hassle-free manner. Well you expect warmth and protection from cold when you buy girls jacket and it serves the purpose to the fullest when you pick the best one. Similarly, DIY remedies come handy when you need them the most yet are unaware of these applications.


Fabric Softener Sponges – DIY Remedies Help You Bring Positive Change

Making fabric softener sponges at home is far simpler than you expect or imagine. Ingredients are easily available; moreover, they come cheap even if you need to buy them. You need

  • Sponge – 3 to 4 pieces
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Vinegar – half cup
  • Fabric Softener – half cup
  • Essential Oil – few drops (optional)
  • Airtight container – 1

Pick ingredients depending upon your choice of personalization. For an example, adding a few drops of essential oil makes it fragrant and your laundry comes with lingering fragrance. Moreover, you can pick your favorite scent by selecting appropriate essential oil.

DIY Remedy – Make It In A Snap

Making fabric softener sponges at home is easy and all you need is its ingredients and a few moments. Here is how you make it.

  • Cut sponge into small pieces depending upon the size of the container.
  • Take one-cup water, half cup each of vinegar and fabric softener, and few drops of essential oil in a bowl.
  • Mix well until the content has uniform consistency.
  • Place sponge pieces in the container neatly arranging them on one another or side-by-side depending upon how the container permits placing them.
  • Pour the mixture on sponge pieces until all soak in it.
  • Put the lid of the container.
  • Your DIY fabric softener sponges are ready for some kicking action.

Making this fantastic formulation is easy and above all, you have all the choices of customization to add personalized essence. Pick one piece of sponge, gently squeeze it to avoid drips, and toss it in the laundry. Once done, rinse, squeeze, and keep it in the container and it is ready for use. Well, pour mixture once again when all of them are dry.

Vinegar and fabric softener works seamlessly to soften the fabric while essential oil adds a tad of lingering fragrance. Well, you can even skip adding commercial fabric softener and rely on vinegar for the action too. It makes your DIY remedy completely eco-friendly. Using various commonly available ingredients in DIY remedies make them a perfect replacement for commercial products we use every day. Well, it also saves you from spending hundreds of bucks every year. One DIY remedy comes handy in many amazing ways; all you need is try it once.

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