How to protect your kids in winters?


Winters are harsh specifically for toddlers & senior citizens. Due to variable change in the temperature, it makes difficult for this segment of people to fight cold and hence good protection from cold is required. They need extra protection than others because of their low immunity system. There are various types of winter garments that can be worn by both older people and kids. Coats, jackets and sweaters, caps, socks and gloves are required to keep the body warm.


Winter can be harmful for kids. Due to low immunity system, they are more susceptible to diseases like cold, cough & flu. Especially toddlers, who like to crawl on the ground, it is very important for mothers to make them wear gloves and socks all the time. Also, no matter how clean we keep our homes, still bacteria’s on the floor can cause damage to their soft and supple skin. Winter gloves for toddlers are an excellent way of keeping the hands of your child getting dirty and also protect from the cold. Apart from gloves, parents need to ensure that they cover their head and feet with caps and socks so that they are protected from all the ends.

Gloves are one such accessory which can be worn in any kind of weather. For winters parents prefer gloves made of wool, while in summers, cotton gloves or acrylic gloves suffice the purpose. Hands are the most used part of your body and if the hands are damaged then, you would not be able to do any kind of work. This goes for infants as well. The moment they learn crawling, they like to spend their most of time on the floors. Due to winters, these floors can get really cold and if not taken proper protection, it can lead to health issues.

While selecting winter gloves for toddlers, you need to be sure of what kind of material you are planning to buy. Wool is the most common choice for all the parents. Since wool is able to retain body temperature and absorbs sweat, therefore it makes the most preferred choice of the parents. But one thing that should be kept in mind while making your kids wear woollen gloves is that, it can be slippery and can cause accidents for your kids. So be extra cautious while they are roaming on the floor.

Another important factor is the fit. For toddlers, mittens are more popular because it is not easy to buy normal looking gloves for them. Since their fingers are too small therefore the traditional gloves are not easy to wear. Thus, mittens are preferred by parents. Mittens are also available in all kinds of materials. Since we are talking winters here, therefore woollen mittens are the commonly purchases winter accessory for kids. Also, these gloves or mittens are available in all kind of colours and designs; hence you can make them wear gloves according to the colour of their dress.

Hence, parents should be very careful while selecting winter stuff for their children. Lot depends on what kind of fabric you choose and how comfortable are they.

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