Jackets the best accessory for winter


Shimla capital of Himachal Pradesh is popularly known as Queen of Hills. The city of Shimla is visited by tourists from all across the world. You can enjoy some of the most panoramic views of the lofty peaks and valleys. The winters here in Shimla are chilly and windy. The winters start from the month of November and last till the month of February. The lowest temperature has been recorded at an average low of 9 degree Celsius. January is the coldest month where the temperature is about 3 degree Celsius. In order to face this chilly winters, it is advisable that women get winter jackets for themselves. There are various types of girls winter jackets available which will help you protect from the cold in Shimla.


The jackets are made from first quality wool and the best part is that they are being exported across the globe. The woolen clothes are well-known for their quality and warmth. You have some brilliant choices which will not keep you protected from the chilly winters but it will also make you good looking and smart. When you are looking to buy a jacket, you need to keep in mind that the jacket you are choosing should be able to resist the existing weather. There are many women who have to travel to various places during their tenure of job – in such cases you should choose the jackets which are durable for dual seasons – choose the ones which are able to protect you from cold and also from the rains.

One of the important points to consider when you buy jackets is the warmth factor. When one compares it to a sleeping bag, jackets come with a warmth rating. The wrong conception in this regard is that higher amount of fill power will mean that the jacket is warmer. If you buy a costly jacket, it may be warm and heavy, but it may not be suitable for your daily use. Whatever form of jacket you choose, it should be warm and light in weight and one should be comfortable in it, otherwise there is no point in opting for it.

The best girls winter jackets made of pure wool are considered as the most fashionable among the girls. These woolen jackets are available in different sizes. They are usually available in three quarter length, wait style length jackets and full length jackets. So the question which might come to your mind is why wool and not any other material. Wool is an excellent insulator and tends to whack away the moisture. The only loophole of wool is that it is costly and one has to maintain it properly.

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