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Do parents prefer wool socks for babies?

In the olden days, people preferred hand knitted woolen clothes for the new born babies. It was believed that homemade woolens would keep the babies warm and protect them from the bitter cold. But now with the changing trend parents also go for readymade woolen garments for their babies. This is the reason behind the increasing demand of wool socks for babies. These wool socks are easily available in the market at reasonable prices and also in different styles, colors, beautiful patterns and cute cartoon prints as these are designed especially for babies. Also the woolen material used in manufacturing them is soft enough for the delicate skin of babies.

kids socks

Home-knitted wool socks

Other than buying from the market, these socks can also be knitted at home as the trend goes on since the old times. Different kind of woolen stuff is easily available in the market for the purpose of knitting socks and other woolen garments for the babies. Not only for babies but handmade woolen garments can also be used by kids and youngsters.

Soft and comfortable

One of the important advantages of baby’s woolen socks is that these are very soft as well as cozy which means these are comfortable and do not cause any kind of irritation or itching on the delicate and gentle skin of babies. Moreover, these are free from odor and the fabric is sustainable, natural and sweat resistant. Plus they can be washed and dried with rest of the laundry.

Hence, there are various options available as one goes to shop woolen socks for their babies. The pattern and prints are beautiful and crazy which keeps the feet of the little ones cozy and makes them look even more attractive. One can also buy these wool socks online. It is a simple task. Also, people are given a huge variety to choose from depending on the shape, size, style and color. There is more than one brand that provides woolen socks and other woolen clothes for new born babies and kids so the customers can select the best ones for their babies.

Of the various materials available for the socks, the ones made from cashmere are the most popular. It is very costly and the question in the minds of everyone is whether it is worth the cash or not. It is light in weight however warm, and to a large extent delicate to the touch. In a way pure woolen socks feel so warm that they appear delicate to your hands. At this point when shopping, search for pure cashmere to get all the advantages. In this case if you are on a budget, attempt the cashmere silk as the silk gives more advantage than other fabrics.

The benefits of woollen socks for kids

The clothing of children is an important aspect of their health in winters. Proper selection of clothing is necessary to maintain better health of your kids. One of the basic components of kids’ clothing is socks. Socks are responsible for the comfort of the feet and while buying socks for kids, we seem to be very ignorant. If we are not careful while buying socks for kids, it can lead to various problems such as cold feet, frostbite, fungal infection etc.

Different types of problems related t cold feet are discussed below.

Cold feet

Cold-feet are the problem that occurs in people who have nervous disorders and bad blood circulation. This causes your feet temperature to fall rapidly if they are not properly covered or protected. It is important to keep your kid’s feet warm to avoid this problem.

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Frost bite

Frostbite is another medical condition in which the soft tissues of the limbs are affected the most. It can occur in both hands and feet but feet are more easily affected as they are very close to the ground and experience cold the most. Frostbite occurs due to freezing of skin tissues. Other parts of the body that are affected by frostbite are nose and ears. When your kid’s skin looks yellowish, this can be a sign of frostbite. You should not rub the affected area; instead put the affected area in warm water and call for medical assistance. In order to prevent frostbite, proper clothing like winter hats, gloves and woollen socks are necessary to wear when going out in cold. Make sure your kid wears them.


In this condition, the small blood vessels beneath the skin get inflamed and cause pain and numbness. This is caused due to sudden change in the temperatures of the feet. When the feet are rapidly introduced to cold and hot temperatures simultaneously, it causes chilblain. The signs of chilblain include itching, pain, and swelling at the affected area. It is necessary to keep feet warm and avoid direct exposure of feet to cold.

Buying better quality socks for your kids is the best way to keep their feet warm and avoid problems that are mentioned above. Socks are normally made from cotton, which is good for breathing and absorbing sweat, but if we are talking about protection of feet during winters, woollen socks are the best buy for your kids. Woollen socks are warm and are also good for absorbing sweat. Most of the parents avoid buying woollen socks due to their higher cost but when we look at the benefits provided by the woollen socks, they are worth that investment. Additionally, they are very much durable than cotton socks and can last several season. You can also find kids woollen socks which can keep them warm and comfortable even at school.