Tips for winter safety for kids

6_kids wollean wear

The winter season is in full swing and either you love it or hate it, winter season brings a lot of safety and health issues with it. The most vulnerable members of your family to the winters are the kids in your family. They have a body with weak immune system and low heat producing capabilities, hence winter season possess a great threat to them. It is important to take care of your kids during winters to make sure that they stay away from any type of health problem during winters. Here are some tips to keep your kids protected in winters.

Stay protected from sun

Do not think that sun has lost its glare in winters. It is glowing at its full strength and the snow reflects around 75% of its ultraviolet rays which can be harmful for your kids. Do not forget to apply sunscreen to your kid’s body and face to keep it safe from sun.

Perfect fit for clothes

The winter clothing your child is wearing must have a perfect fit. If it is too tight on child’s body, it may cause suffocation irritation, and if it is too loose, it might not serve its very purpose. Too tight winter wear also restricts proper movement of body and blood flow of the body, especially footwear. Restricted blood flow will cause the body to be even colder.

6_kids wollean wear

Choose proper clothing

When you are selecting winter clothes for your child, be clever and thoughtful. It is important to dress your kids in layers of maximum protection. When layering, you must make sure that the material of dress is wind and water resistant. For best winter clothes like jackets, gloves, winter caps, kids’ pure-wool thermal, buy online as the online stores provide you the best variety and best prices.

Serve healthy food

Your child needs a higher level of immunity during winters to keep the infection and illness away. It is important to serve your child foods rich with nutrients that are helpful in boosting the immune systems such blackcurrants, Kiwi, Oranges, Garlic and ginger which are known for their bacteria fighting abilities.

Safety during winter sports

When indulging in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledging etc, you must keep safety in your mind first. Proper safety precautions during any winter sports include helmets, knee guards, gum guards etc. When your kids want to try skiing or snowboarding, make sure that they get lessons and training first from a well qualified instructor.

Heat your home

You must check the home heating appliances and equipment before the temperature goes really down to freezing. This will ensure that the appliances are working properly. If they are not working, get them repaired or get new ones. If you have a room eater in your house, make sure to keep children away from it as it can be dangerous for them.

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