Types of jackets for boys


With the winters approaching, every mother is worried about buying the right winter clothes for kids. Markets both physical and online are flooded with millions of options. But it is important to select the right jackets for kids’ boys and girls. It is hard to take unwilling kids, especially boys, out for shopping. Making them try and like the jackets is an all-time headache. In order to pick a right jacket, you need to know the size, the style you are looking for and the types of jackets available in market. Here I will take you through the tour of all the types available.

1) Light Jackets: These are the jackets that are best for the time when the winter has just started. The air is cooler but not that cold. They also come in two basic types:

  •  Zip up hoodies- These are the sweatshirts that has zip in the front that can be pulled all the way up and a hood attached at the back for covering head and ears. These hoodies are soft and comfortable. They come in different colors and styles and are often embossed with brand names. These are affordable.
  •  Anorak- These jackets are waterproof since the outer cover is made of polyester. They have an inner lining of cotton. These are best for dewy morning and drizzling. They have a zip on the front and may or may not have a hood and a pocket. Some jackets may be fleece lined for extra warmth. These are light and can be easily packed hence easy to carry.


2) Heavy Jackets: These jackets are for the colder weather. Mid winters require clothes that can provide more warmth. These jackets are often fleece lined. The outer layer can be made of any material like cotton, polyester, denim, or corduroy. These also have two basic types:

  •  Lined jackets- These jackets are soft and cozy and are better suited for cold weather. The outside can be made of polyester or denim or any such material but the interior is lined with either fleece or wool. These can also be quilted for providing additional warmth.
  •  Leather jackets- These are adorable jackets and the boys look pretty cute in these. They could either be plain or bomber in type. These are heavier and can be quilted for additional warmth. Jackets could be made of pure leather or faux leather. These jackets can last long if bought and kept carefully.

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