Ways to protect the child from cold and flu in the winters


While your little kid may wait the opportunity to build snowmen, the cold weather brings about some unpleasant events as well- the cold and the flu season. Though cold and flu are unavoidable during the winter months, yes there are ways by which you can boost the immune system of your child and keep those bugs at bay

Keep your hands clean

The safest and easiest way to protect your child from infection is to remind them to wash their hands on a regular basis. Ensure that they wash their hands with soap or a mild detergent and teach them not to rub their ears or the eyes as this may lead to bacteria being deposited directly into the blood stream, through the mucus membrane


Teaching kids how to sneeze

Sneezing happens to the fastest manner in which germs are spread. It is important that your little one uses a tissue when he is sneezing or coughing. If they do not the time to buy a tissue, tell them to sneeze into the crook of the arm, and rather than the hands. This will ensure that the germs are not transferred to the next item which the child touches.

Daily exercise

Undertaking daily exercise will boost the immune system of your child and improve their sense of well being. Make sure that exercising regularly is vital and important as overweight children are more likely to pick up bugs. Excess weight can also make it difficult for your child to breathe, especially when they are bungled up.

Encourage a balanced diet

A balanced diet is one of the best ways to fight infections. Foods which are rich in vitamin C can strengthen the immune system and aids in speedy recovery. In terms of food, garlic is a super food which is known to fight bugs, bacteria along with virus. In some ways it supports the healing process as well.

Discourage food and drink sharing

To reduce the chances of your child coming in contact with germs, one should avoid sharing food and drink with the others. Sharing a snack with a child who is already suffering from a winter bug is a great way to pick up illness.

Proper set of clothes

No winter season can be tackled to the core without a proper set of winter clothes and jackets for kid’s boys ensure that the little ones are protected fully. When you buy jackets, consider the size along with the material part of it. The fitting along with comfort are important points to consider when you buy jackets. The online stores are the best place where one can get such jackets.

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